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Our products

Please see the wide range of our services below. We are specialised in wild meadow flowers, however, we are happy to meet our clients needs and provide also the products beyond our signature line. Feel free to ask, we are pleased to advise you on a pot flower gift ideas or to help you choose an original piece of a country style decoration from our workshop.


1.  Wild meadow bouquets

Country style wild meadow bouquets full of texture and movement is our signature flagship product. We handcraft fresh bouquets on a daily basis. Meadow flowers fit for any ocasion. Pop in our shops to choose one of scented ready-made bouquets or ask our florist for a bespoke floral arrangement.


2. Pot plants

Superb quality and freshness of our products have nothing to do with supermarket plants. We support Czech flower growers, so you will find also genuine Czech products at our stores. 


3. Seasonal products

Unique and original products, designed and crafted in our workshop.

We create pieces of decoration for all year long, from spring time and Easter products to Advent wreaths and floral arrangements for your festive Christmas table. Furthermore, we provide a large variety of pot plants, available also with elegant decorations – great gift ideas. We are guided by nature, thus we use various natural materials and our products are filled with our passion for the Czech country.


4. Accessory products

Ceramic and metal flower pots or wicker baskets for plants. Elegant seasonal products that do not need any further introduction. Our clients always comment on how lovely they are.


5. Flower delivery

We deliver flowers in Prague all year long, during working days as well as on weekends and bank holidays. Call us or come to one of our florist shops. Out of our wide range of flowers and decorations, we will pick the right option just for you and discuss the details and the delivery date.

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