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About us

Our natural approach
​We love nature's diversity, its colours, aromas and unique shapes. We are lucky that nature changes for us four times a year and we highly value all their gifts at every stage of the year. We respect its principles, and work only with materials that are consistent with it. 

About us

Once upon a time during our university studies, we met up in a pub at the horse's head in Stary Suchdol, Prague. Instead od seven, we are four, but magnificent :-D. In the last year of our studies, we are thinking about our future. Where to head next, how to use our skills and meet our need to create something out of beauties available in nature?


Two magnificent and brave peers put skin in the game in 1998, launching Rosanet, a little florist shop nearby a metro station. Both girls are truly gifted and skilful. Shortly afterwards, the rest of our bunch of friends joined in. 

We drew together. Our aim is a flower shop online, thus we changed the name and call our business abc@kvetiny, Ltd. A short and simple name, beginning with the first letter of the alphabet certainly implies a good start for our company. Or not? Let's say that the market is not ready yet for our brilliant ideas :-D. However, we are far from giving up!


In 2006, we introduced a new brand abc kvetiny, along with the slogan “Flowers make the world smile.” We are still full of joy, happy to see the fruits of our labor. For our florist shops, we are trying various locations in Prague, flower booths located in exclusive areas… To make a long story short, it doesn't always work :-D, but we do carry on! 


Two years later, we are in a pub again, just three of us this time… and here it comes! A breakpoint in our direction. We focus on cut flowers in brick-and-mortar shops only. More importantly, a new signature line comes into existence – “wild meadow bouquets inspired by the Czech country”. We fell in love with it, enjoying the new vibrant energy. This is a crucial twist in the history of our business.

We dream big, daring to broaden the horizons in this field. Thus, in 2016 we opened a new workshop where we handcraft unique floral decorations. 


As the time goes by, it brings along many changes. Another magnificent member of our team quits to set on the fascinating journey of motherhood. However, we don't give up.

Up to the present, we still love wild meadow bouquets and the Czech country. We have realised that return to traditions and the joy of creation are the messages we want to convey.

Last but not least, we still believe that “flowers make the world smile”.

Events & Workshops
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